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Cydel is a brainy and bossy little woman that’s ready to show you how it’s done. Just be ready for her when she issues her commands, as she doesn’t take any talkback from men like you!
I love it when I walk into a room and a man is already getting himself off. Are you getting ready for me? It looks like you are. It looks like you’re getting nice and rock hard. I want to see you stroke it. Now. I want to see you rub that skin up and down and make yourself horny. I can help.
Let me take off my bra and show you my beautiful tits. Aren’t they wonderful? Wouldn’t you like to plop that hard cock down right between them? I know I’d love to have it there. Keep going, because you’re almost there. Don’t you dare stop, or I’ll have to punish you. Pump that cock all the way.
- Cydel

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Cydel Jerk Off Instruction Bedroom Brunette JOI Tube Video Porn

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Cydel has been waiting for you all day. Don't make her wait any longer!
Don't waste any time. Pull that dick out and start jerking it for me. But don't go too fast! I want to see you really enjoy it. i love it when you go nice and slow, getting that cock harder and harder. I know you're going to get hard fast, but take your time.
Get that hand around the base and squeeze. With your other hand I want you to rub your head, just a little bit. Get it nice and teased and then stroke it a little more and a little more. I just love watching you touch yourself. It makes me so fucking wet. I love seeing those hands around your fucking cock. Oh baby won't you please get it all kinds of wet for me? I know you will. Please get off for me!
- Cydel

Ive been waiting to see you jerk it

Cydel Jerk Off Instruction Bedroom Brunette POV JOI Porn Video Tube

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Don't keep Cydel waiting any longer! She was waiting for your cock but you were too slow for her.
You keep me waiting so long I already finished. I guess you get to show off for me now. That's right. Whip out that cock and rub it. No, not rub it. Pump it. Stroke it. Stroke it really good for me baby. Nice and slow. Get that cock so hard. I've been waiting and you better give me a good show.
That is a pretty vicious big cock. I just wish you had gotten here sooner. But I do love watching you play. Pump that dick harder. Harder. Stroke it really good. Give me a really sexy stroke. Oh daddy, I like that. I love it when you start going wild on that cock. Don't be shy, I love to watch you jerk it!
- Cydel

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