How many times can I make you cum?

Jolene Jerk Off Instruction Full Nude JOI Brunette Tattoos Porn Video Tube

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Jolene wants to hang out. But only if you get nude too.
Wow. You look so good in the buff. I was thinking we could just hang out, but what I really want is to see you jerk that cock. Come on, do it. Wrap your hand around your dick and start jerking it. That looks so good. Holy shit you have a good looking dick. I really just want to see you jerk it, hard baby. But don't cum yet. I want to tell you when you cum. Do you think you could handle it?
I can measure how good you would be in bed by how many times you can make that dick cum. Can you cum more than once for me? I bet you can. Stroke it harder, now faster. Harder. Harder. I know you're getting so close baby, will you pleasure cum for me? But only when I say. I'm ready for you to cum now baby.
- Jolene

Follow my instructions while stroking your cock

Rebecca Love Jerk Off Instruction Big Tits Brunette JOI Tube Porn Video

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Rebecca Love is an experienced penis pumper, and she’s ready to tell you just how to do it. She wants to see, and she’s ready to give you the kind of direct instruction that you need.
Ready now? Good. See, you’ve stroked one penis all your life, but I’ve stroked many penises throughout my many years of being a strong and independent woman. I know that a man like you needs a woman like me to show you what to do, even if you can’t admit it.
Here, let me do just that. Try. Up and down, good. Now faster. Slower. Mmm. Does that feel good? Don’t lie; I know that it does. Keep going like this and even I’m going to get turned on. I can only imagine what a dirty boy like you would do to me. What would you do to me? Now work the tip. Good.
- Rebecca Love

I love to watch men masturbate

Jolene Jerk Off Instruction Video Porn Tube JOI Tattoos Lingerie

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Jolene is a dirty girl that enjoys laying around and watching men masturbate for her pleasure. She’s a pro at this, so you’d better not disappoint her.
Oh, hi there. I didn’t see you. Looks like you’re very, very excited to see me. That’s an impressive looking dick you’ve got in your hand. Mmm. Why don’t you start stroking and massaging it? There you go. Just like that. I see that a dirty boy like you doesn’t need any help from a strong and confident woman like me, but you’ll take it anyway.
You’ll rub your balls and beat your meat just because I tell you to. Faster. Faster! That’s right. You’re breathing heavier now. You’re sweating. Show me just how much you can cum. I want to see that big white fountain spray all over. Yes! Oh, god, I’m getting turned on. Keep stroking. More.
- Jolene

I can teach you how to work that cock

Mistress Selena brunette Jerk Off Instruction Porn JOI Tube Video

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You've really disappointed Mistress Selena today. You are supposed to serve and obey her but you leave the place a mess and now you expect her help you jerk off?
What the hell man? Your room is a mess. You better straighten up if you want to see what's hiding under my yellow dress. Are you already jerking it? You know you are supposed to wait. You do look really good in the nude, though. Those arms, that dick… I guess we can play. But only if you follow all of the Mistress' rules.
Pump that cock for me baby. Mmm. That's really nice. Don't you love my dress? How about my yellow panties? Don't you cum yet. I know I'm sexy. Jerk it a little harder for me baby. See my thong? This mistress dresses to impress. But you're going to have to work for it if you really want to cum. Beg me baby. Beg me to let you cum.
- Mistress Selena

Rub your big hard cock while I tease you

Savannah Foxx Jerk Off Instruction Lingerie Tattoos JOI Brunette Tube Porn Video

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Our own Savannah Foxx strips down and watches you do what she knows that you do best. Her perky little tits and cute face will be a great reminder for you.
Why hello there. Yes, I’m half naked. Do you like what you see? Maybe I should spin around a bit. Should I bend over? I see you’re stroking it. That’s good. Keep doing that. Rub the shaft and twist it. Twist it. You look excited. Maybe it would help if you imagined what it would feel like if I was sitting on top of you and sliding my pussy back and forth over your cock.
That’s it, now work the tip. Even I’m starting to get a little excited here. Should I rub myself? Does that turn you on? It looks like it does. You’re getting closer. You’re sweating and grunting. Keep going, work that cock until it explodes.
- Savannah Foxx

Imagine your hand is my tight wet pussy

Leah Lush Jerk Off Instruction Bedroom JOI Lingerie JOI Porn Tube Video

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Leah Lush is a cute young brunette, but don’t let her looks fool you. She’s far from innocent and far from submissive. She’s going to tell you exactly what to do.
Oh hi! Mmm. I see that you’ve already got your pants off and you’re stroking away. That’s wonderful. I’m just going to lay down on this bed here. Don’t you stop stroking that cock. I want to see it nice and hard and throbbing. Can you imagine it plunging inside me? Oh yeah. Do that.
Imagine your hand is my soft, velvety pussy. Now take your other hand and cup and massage your balls. Feel them like I’d feel them with my mouth. Yes. Mmm. I see you’re getting there now. Breathing heavy. Turning red. Don’t stop, I want to see you splatter cum everywhere. I want to see that giant cock explode all over.
- Leah Lush

Are you ready to stroke out a big load for me?

Cydell Jerk Off Instruction Brunette JOI Video Tube Porn

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Cydel is a brainy and bossy little woman that’s ready to show you how it’s done. Just be ready for her when she issues her commands, as she doesn’t take any talkback from men like you!
I love it when I walk into a room and a man is already getting himself off. Are you getting ready for me? It looks like you are. It looks like you’re getting nice and rock hard. I want to see you stroke it. Now. I want to see you rub that skin up and down and make yourself horny. I can help.
Let me take off my bra and show you my beautiful tits. Aren’t they wonderful? Wouldn’t you like to plop that hard cock down right between them? I know I’d love to have it there. Keep going, because you’re almost there. Don’t you dare stop, or I’ll have to punish you. Pump that cock all the way.
- Cydel

I’m here to make you explode

Mistress Selena Jerk Off Instructions Lingerie JOI Porn Video Tube

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Mistress Selena wants to be the only thing you jerk to today. If you disobey her, well, not only will you not be jerking but you will be stuck in chastity!
What do you want to do today baby? You wanna jerk off? You wanna cum? I know you do. But should I let you jerk off? Let's get that cock out and start jerking it. Move that hand up that dick nice and slow. Just for me. This is the only time you're allowed to jerk it today, so make it count, okay?
Go harder baby. Maybe a little faster too. I love the way you look jerking that cock. Go faster. Harder. Now slow down and give it a nice, luxurious stroke before speeding back up. Now put your hands down and keep them off until I say you can fuck yourself again. I'm gonna make you cum so hard baby.
- Mistress Selena

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